Picture Keeper Customer Reviews

 Nice and Easy! 
Purchased the picture keeper hoping for an easy way to keep all my photos on one flash drive. This one fits the bill. All you do is insert the flash drive into a USB port, click on Backup Photos and the flash does all the work. It searches all your files for any .jpg or .jpeg files. On a second backup I added bitmap (.bmp) files and it went and found those. I keep all my data on a drive separate than my programs, so all I had to do was go to Browse, lead it to the drive and it worked great! I would recommend this product. I purchased the 8GB just to be on the safe side. Plenty of room. There is a technical support phone number which I have not had to call. 

Spring Hill, FL 

I run a PC repair/services company and this product has been wonderful for my clients. External storage devices can be complicated (especially for the average user) and one of the most common issues my clients have is backing up by themselves (pictures in particular). It has made my life easier as well since I don't have to write automated backup programs/scripts, I just give them a picture keeper and they are good to go. 

-Don K. 
San Diego, CA 

EASY and PORTABLE way to save photos! 
Absolutely LOVED this little gadget. Used to consolidate 3 separate computers photos into one little gadget. Super easy to use, even someone lacking computer knowledge can use it. Just plug it in and let it do its work. Love the little pop up for reminder of monthly 'backup' of your photos. Would definitely recommend this product. 

-Jennifer R. 

Just what I needed... 
After both my wife and I lost digital images due to problems with our current backup system, I am delighted to find a device that automatically takes care of preserving our images. And it's PC + Mac-friendly. Why didn't someone think of this before? 

-Peter O. 
Windsor, CO